Quinlan Glass Art Studio

Hand made, one-of-a-kind unique artisan glass beads, porcelain ceramic components and ceramic mugs

Each cup is made by me on the pottery wheel or handbuilt and Kiln fired multiple times.

The cups are hand sculpted or imprinted with a design.

Each cup is unique and one of a kind.
These cups feel wonderful in your hand 
when you enjoy a quiet time out of a busy life 
or need to re-energize yourself. 
Each Cup is unique with it's own personality.

The cups are dishwasher and microwave safe, 
though I recommend hand washing.

I'm selling 3 Handmade Dark Chocolate Stoneware Cups For SALE. 
Just click on the link below to direct you for my Facebook Page to 
Purchase a cup of your choosing!


Handbuilt stoneware mugs